RIEGER, Caroline

CAROLINE L. RIEGER studied Communications, German Literature, and Philosophy at the Universität Essen in Germany. After completing her M.A. in 1992, she worked as a PR consultant in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1996 she came to Canada and was accepted as a doctoral candidate in the German program of Applied Linguistics at the University of Alberta from which she graduated with a PhD in 2000. After teaching for one year at the University of Alberta, she came to UBC to teach German language and applied linguistics and take on the responsibilities of the Chair of the German Language Program. Her research interests are Interlanguage Pragmatics, Second Language Acquisition, Intercultural Communications and Sociolinguistics. She is currently working on communicative strategies by other language users and instructional material for the German foreign language classroom. Her dissertation - which was nominated for the Governor General's Gold Medal and supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - focused on conversations of English-German bilinguals. Her scholarly work comprises the creation of instructional material for applied linguistics and German as a foreign language as well as the publications in international linguistics or applied linguistics journals.
Latest publication:
- Interkulturelle Kompetenzen im Fremdsprachenunterricht. Intercultural Literacies and
- German in the Classroom. Festschrift für Manfred Prokop. Giessener Beiträge zur
- Fremdsprachendidaktik. Tübingen: Narr, 2007. Book edited together with Christoph Lorey and John L. Plews.

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Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z1