HAGER, Michael

Michael Hager is an Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Toronto. Currently he is responsible for Business German and the coordination of all language courses in the German Department at the University of Toronto. He is uniquely qualified because of his professional background in Second Language Acquisition and because of his work experience in the German business world. He lived and worked in Berlin for 20 years and completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Applied German Linguistics at the Free University of Berlin. He also worked 14 years at Siemens AG in Berlin teaching English and German as a Second Language. Recent publications: 2006 Deutsch im Alltag (Toronto: Thomson), 2003 Deutsch im Berufsalltag (Boston: Thomson) and 2007 "Teaching Intercultural Competence in Beginning German" Forum Deutsch, 18-23.

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Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Odette Hall 324, St. Michael, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1J4