Interests History of East/Central Europe; The Habsburgs; modern Germany; environmental history. Columbia University, New York, NY * Ph.D. in history, August 2000. Dissertation: "Crafting a Post-Imperial Identity: Nobles and Nationality Politics in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1948." Sponsor: István Deák. * Advanced Certificate, The Harriman Institute (East Central Europe), May 1998. * M.Phil. in history, May 1997. Examination fields: modern German, Habsburg, East Central European, and French history. * M.A. in history, February 1995. Language Proficiency Exams Passed: Czech, German, Polish and French. Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH * B.A. in history, June 1992. Awarded Summa cum Laude and High Honors. Senior thesis: "To Fuel a Fire: Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in the North Dakota Nonpartisan League, 1915-1921." Awarded Jones History Prize for best senior thesis in American history. Eagle Glassheim's first book, Noble Nationalists: The Transformation of the Bohemian Aristocracy, was published by Harvard University Press in 2005. He is currently researching a book on the post-war history of the “Black Triangle,” an industrial and coal mining region spanning Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany.

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Department of History, University of British Columbia, 1873 East Mall #1297l, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z1
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