BUDDE, Antje

Prof Antje Budde, comes to the University College Drama Program from Berlin/ Germany where she has been teaching in the theatre department at Humboldt University. She is specialized in the field of modern Chinese theatre, experimental/ independent Western theatre and feminist research on theatre and East German TV. Antje staged several theatre productions in Germany as well as in China as a artistic director and has been involved in many artistic activities in the programming of theatre festivals, intercultural theatre workshops and art exhibitions. She acted as the artistic director of Berlin’s Theaterhaus Mitte, which provides a large number of independent theatre projects with rehearsing rooms, performance space and professional supervision. Antje published her PhD-thesis on the history of Chinese experimental theatre and is a contributor to several publications including a comprehensive essay on the theatricality of Beijing Tiananmen Square throughout Chinese history. Her current research project is about “Feminist Utopia and socialist Realities on TV. - On socio-political, economical and cultural constructions of women and femininity in the history of Eastern German Television”. Courses: * DRM230Y1: Concepts of Twentieth-Century Theatre * DRM262H1: Experimentation and Innovation: A Comparative History of World Theatre from Ancient Times Until the Present * DRM402Y1: Seminar in Directing

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