Stroinska, Magda

Magda Stroinska, Ph.D. (Edinburgh) is professor of German and Linguistics at the McMasters University. Her major fileds of expertise include Germanic and Slavic linguistics, sociolinguistics and cross-cultural communication, in particular cultural stereotyping, language and politics, propaganda and the issues of identity in exile. She is currently working on the language of totalitarian regimes and its effects in post-communist Eastern Europe Research: language & sociolinguistics (stereotypes, languages for special purposes, language of politics, language and identity in exile) linguistic theory, the interface between syntax and semantics: thematic roles, reference, language philosophy (the German approach to the study of language - from Humboldt to Wittgenstein), grammar of German (syntax and semantics of impersonal constructions), grammar of Slavic languages (grammatical agreement), foreign language teaching and learning, artificial intelligence, CALL, cross-cultural interpretation.

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