Eli Nathans (PhD John Hopkins) is an Associate Professor in the Departmentof History at the University of Western Ontario. His primary research focus is Modern German history and he has written a history of German citizenship policies in the nineteenth and twentieth century's, as well as a study of the conduct of a senior German civil servant during the Nazi period. In addition, he has written the book "The Politics of Citizenshipin Germany: Ethnicity, Utility and Nationalism" (Berg > Publishers, 2004) and "Franz Schlegelberger", Volume 3 of Der Unrechts-Staat (Nomos Verlag, 1990), 86 pages. Schlegelberger was a high Nazi Justice Ministry official who was tried after the Second World War by an American Military Tribunal. This book is about the Nazi period, in particular about the German legal system and one of its leading members. Currently Dr. Nathans is writing a book about the woek of a German journalist who reported on the United States in the 1950s and 1960s for German radio and television, Peter von Zahn.

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