LEVIT, Georgy

Georgy Levit (Dr. rer. nat. Oldenburg) is Faculty Member in the History of Science and Technology and Contemporary Studies Programmes, at the University of King’s College. He has studied history and philosophy of the life sciences, and holds a research fellowship from the famous Friedrich-Schiller Jena University (Germany). Presently, his research concerns the history of alternative (non-Darwinian) evolutionary theories as well as the (pre-)history of evolutionary developmental biology. Significantly, he has published on topics, including: The history of evolutionary theory; German science under Hitler; Global issues; Race theory; and The history of Russian science. Some of his publications, amongst others, are listed as follows: “Looking at Russian Ecology through the Biosphere Theory,” In Eds. A.E. Schwarz and K. Jax’ Revisiting ecology: Reflecting concepts, advancing science (forthcoming); Ivan Schmalhausen: Evolutionsfaktoren. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, In Eds. U. Hossfeld, G.S. Levit, L. Olsson, and O. Breidbach (2009); and G.S. Levit and U. Hossfeld, From Molecules to the Biosphere: Nikolai V. Timoféeff-Ressovsky’s (1900-1981), Research Program within a totalitarian landscapes, Theory in Biosciences.

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