BODE, Judith

Judith Bode (MA Oregon) is Co-ordinator and Instructor for German in the Department of Humanities at Grant MacEwan University. Her primary research interests include a longitudinal study of contextualized reading, as well as the Expressionist poetry of Georg Heym. Dr. Bode's interests in the processes underlying language acquisition, comparative and historical linguistics of German, and early forms of the German language are an integral component of her instruction. Additionally, she has developed unique methodologies to support language instruction and the integration of poetry and stories into the learning process. Presently, Dr. Bode is developing a suite of web-based resources for the new virtual language lab to supplement the existing instructional materials for German at Grant MacEwan University.

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Grant MacEwan University, P.O. Box 1796, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5J 2P2
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