Gary Waite (PhD Waterloo) is Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the University of New Brunswick. With a primary focus on the history of popular culture and religion in early-modern Europe, his interests are eclectic, ranging from the study of the import of individual radical reformers such as David Joris, to the analysis of the vernacular Dutch drama societies called the Chambers of Rhetoric and their involvement in religious reform, to the study of the Continental Reformation and the revival of witch-hunting in sixteenth century Netherlands and Germany. In particular, Dr. Waite seeks to find connections within and between sub-fields of history, such as Anabaptism and witchcraft, or drama and religion, which have often been neglected. While continuing to look for intersections in the Reformation and demonology/witchcraft fields, his current research focuses on popular attitudes toward Jews and Muslims in the vernacular literature of western Europe in the seventeenth century, and this project is entitled The Religious Other in Seventeenth-Century Europe: Christians, Jews and Muslims.

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