BAUER, Karin

Karin Bauer is Chair of the Department of German Studies at McGill University. Her research interests include German philosophical tradition, literary theory and contemporary literature. Professor Bauer's wrote on cultural and literary theories, the Frankfurt School, gender studies, Nietzsche, minority literature, and contemporary German literature and thought. Her interest focuses in particular on questions of radical aesthetics, i.e. the aesthetics of radicalism, and on narrative strategies of dissent. Recent publications Books: "Everybody Talks about the Weather: The Texts of Ulrike Meinhof". New York: Seven Stories Press, 2008. "Adorno's Nietzschean Narratives: Critiques of Ideology; Readings of Wagner". Albany: SUNY Press, 1999.

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Department of German Studies Suite 425, 688 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 3R1