Darroch, Michael

Michael Darroch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Media & Film at the University of Windsor, Canada. He is a Co-Investigator for the Visible City Project + Archive (York), an External Research Associate of the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies (York), and a member of the Centre de recherche sur l'intermédialité (UdeM). His research has explored Canadian and German theories of media and materialities, with a focus on practices of media and art in a variety of urban contexts. He has published on aspects of media, technology, theatre, language, sound, and translation and translated widely from German and French to English. Selected publications include: "Language in the City, Langauge of the City," Circulation and the City: Essays on Mobility and Urban Culture, MQUP; "Digital Multivocality and Embodied Language in Theatrical Space," Intermédialités 12; with Janine Marchessault, "Anonymous History as Methodology: The Collaborations of Sigfried Giedion, Jaqueline Tyrwhitt and the Explorations Group 1953-1955," Place Studies in Art, Media, Science and Technology: Historical Investigations on the Sites and Migration of Knowledge; Verlag und Datenbank für Geisteswissenschaften; "Language, Translation and the Telematic City," Flusser Studies; "Bridging Urban and Media Studies: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt and the Explorations Group, 1951-1957." Canadian Journal of Communication.

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