PITT, Alice

Alice Pitt (PhD Toronto) is Dean of the Faculty of Education at York University. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she contributes to the study of education drawing upon several traditions of psychoanalytic depth psychology to interrogate teacher/student relations, questions of learning and not learning, knowledge production, research methodology, and, most recently, professional life. Her research interests include: Psychoanalytic Thought, Teacher education, Narrative inquiry, Feminist thought, and Curriculum theory. Currently, Dr. Pitt is studying the paradoxes of autonomy in professional life from the vantage of three realms: the political, the philosophical and the psychological. Using in-depth interviews, Dr. Pitt and her co-investigator Anne Phelan also explore teachers¹ understandings of autonomy at the beginning of their careers, in and late mid-career, and in times of social change. This case study uses interviews with teachers in Berlin, whose teaching careers have been affected by significant political and demographic changes.

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