NEIL, Deborah

Deborah Neill (PhD Toronto) is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at York University. She is a Modern European Historian who specializes in French and German colonialism and the History of Colonial Medicine. Her specific research interests examine the transnational ties between European tropical medicine specialists, the history of sleeping sickness in Africa and the importance of transnational connections in shaping the character of modern activist movements of the twentieth century. Currently, Dr. Neill is working on a project exploring the history of the anti-alcohol campaigns in Africa. Furthermore, she is also revising her PhD dissertation, Transnationalism in the Colonies: Cooperation, Rivalry and Race in German and French Tropical Medicine, 1880-1930 (University of Toronto, 2005), turning it into a book manuscript. In addition, she has recently published journal articles on “Finding the Ideal Diet: Dietary Practices in France and French Equatorial Africa, c 1890s to 1920s” (in Food and Foodways, vol. 17, no. 1 (2009)), and “Paul Ehrlich's Colonial Connections: Scientific Networks and the Response to the Sleeping Sickness Epidemic, 1900-1914” (in Social History of Medicine, no. 1 (2009)).

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