Paul Peters is a Professor McGill University. His main research interest is Heinrich Heine, more specifically,·the aspects of Anti-Semitism and the German Heine reception, Heine's writings on Judaism and Jewry, and Heine's Poetry. Currently,·Paul Peters·also works on·Kafka, Brecht, and Paul Celan. Other areas of interest include Weimar and the Romantic periods in German cultural history, as well as the socialist and post-socialist authors Volker Braun and Heiner Mueller, and the two great metropolitan centres of Berlin and Vienna. Furthermore, Professor Peters research interests also include the classical, avant-garde, and popular music in the German Kulturraum and its relationship to history and society as well as the abiding mystery of the German national identity.
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Department of German Studies, Suite 425, 688 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 2T7
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Dr. Paul Peters presents his research on Heinrich Heine during the conference on "East goes West - German Orientalisms" at the University of Victoria, October 2011.