Raleigh G. Whitinger (PhD UBC) is Professor of German in the Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Program in the Faculty of Arts, and is also Associate Dean of Arts for Student Programs, at the University of Alberta. Furthermore, he is editor of Seminar, A Journal of Germanic Studies. His teaching interests include: Modern German literature since the Age of Goethe, Romanticism, naturalism, women’s writing, film and literature, senior language courses, translation German-English. Additionally, his research interests follow the bildungsroman; Mörike’s Maler Nolten; naturalism; historical drama from Goethe to Brecht; and film versions of German works. In 2009, several of his written works were published, namely: Confessions of a Poisoner, Written by Herself. The first English translation of the anonymous 1803 epistolary novel Bekenntnisse einer Giftmischerin. Von ihr selbst geschrieben. Trans. by Raleigh Whitinger, with a critical introduction by Raleigh Whitinger and Diana Spokiene. New York: MLA, 2009, And also, Bekenntnisse einer Giftmischerin. Von ihr selbst geschrieben. 1803. The first complete, modern edition of the original 1803 text. Edited by Raleigh Whitinger and Diane Spokiene. New York: MLA, 2009.

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Modern Languages and Cultural Studies , 200 Arts, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E6