Thorson, Helga

My research in Language Pedagogy has focused on curriculum development, disabilities studies, and foreign language writing processes. Sample publications include: “Initiatives to Educate Foreign Language Faculty on Teaching Students with Disabilities,” co-authored with Rasma Lazda. Worlds Apart? Disability and the Foreign Language Classroom. Eds., Tammy Berberi, Elizabeth Hamilton, Ian Sutherland. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2008. “Using the Computer to Compare Foreign- and Native-Language Writing Processes: A Statistical and Case Study Approach.” The Modern Language Journal 84.2 (2000), 155-170. “Writing and Foreign Language Pedagogy: History and Implications,” co-authored with Torild Homstad. Writing Across Languages. Advances in Foreign and Second Language Pedagogy 1. Stamford, CT: Ablex, 2000. 3-14. Neuer Wein und Zwiebelkuchen: A Cultural Reader, co-authored with Rasma Lazda. New York: McGraw Hill, 2005. []

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Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies, P.O. Box 3045, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 3P4
Research Description
My research concentrates on Austrian modernist literature, with a specific focus on issues of gender and Jewishness. I am currently working on a book project on the writer Grete Meisel-Hess, focusing on discourses surrounding proto-feminism and sexual reform in Vienna in the early years of the twentieth century. I am also working together with Agatha Schwartz (University of Ottawa) on a manuscript focusing on middle-class women’s movements in the Habsburg monarchy in the late 19th-century and early 20th-century. This study has a wide geographical focus, examining the struggles of middle-class proto-feminists from the various regional, national, ethnic, and linguistic groups that made up the Habsburg monarchy.