Just as one might say that, as a literary, cultural, and philosophical period, the Enlightenment has a beginning and an end, but that, as a project, it is still ongoing, so too Romanticism can be considered an ongoing project with a profound impact on contemporary literary theory, aesthetics, philosophy, on modern conceptions of identity, gender, and culture, as well as, indeed, of the very concept of modernity itself. This cluster is deliberately wide in scope and has a twofold objective. On the one hand, the aim is to further nuance our understanding of romanticism itself through the study of romantic literary texts and philosophical writings; the examination of specific romantic themes, such as gender, nature, romantic poetry, romantic science, etc.; and the exploration of the romantic notion of culture both in theory and in practice such as through the romantic salon. On the other hand, the cluster also invites research on the significance and relevance of romanticism for contemporary theory, philosophy, aesthetics, and culture.

Members of the Romanticism Cluster