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Winter News from the DAAD Information Centre Toronto

The DAAD Information Centre Toronto promotes new initiatives to provide undergraduate and graduate students at Canadian universities with new opportunities to learn in an international environment. Read below about new programmes on ·how· to internationalise your degree!

The International MA programme ( explores the practice and performance of journalism and the media in the context of a new environment brought about by globalisation, modernisation, commercialisation and professional developments. The programme seeks to shape alumni who will shape the future of global journalism. This scheme offers a unique educational experience: Students study in two Northern European countries, become part of a group from around the world,·get a degree from two universities, specialize in one of four distinct areas: Business and Finance, War and Conflict, Communicating Europe; Comparative and Transcultural Approaches to Journalism and discuss global issues and understand global challenges in a truly global environment. An additional option is a study abroad period in Australia, Chile or the USA. Application process for the 2011 programme is now open. The deadline is·March 1, 2011. Inquiries are welcome. Please contact Bettina Andersen: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Adieu Pragmatismus? Merkel, Multiculturalism and the CDU

By Phil Triadafilopoulos

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s declaration of multiculturalism’s “utter failure” this past October provoked a wave of media attention the world over.  Conservative columnists in Canada and elsewhere greeted Merkel’s comments with glee, arguing that finally a leader of stature had screwed up the guts to say openly what many have long believed to be true.  Leaders of extreme right-wing parties, such as the Dutch People’s Party’s Geert Wilders, similarly cheered the Chancellor on, leaving proponents of multiculturalism befuddled and defensive.


2011 Transatlantic Forum: Energy and Territoriality in Europe and North America

Applications for  2011 Transatlantic Forum which will take place at CCGES York University on January 28/29, 2011 are now being accepted. This year's iteration connects with the current debates around energy and territoriality and scholars at Canadian universities working on topics related to this subject are invited to submit paper proposals for presentation in a workshop format.